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The MERCAREON platform has been specifically developed as a cooperative solution. It optimizes incoming goods processes in retail.  Software users can work more productively and efficiently, know more and plan better. Idle times are shortened and peak times are equalized  where the solution is in use – and the general quality of incoming goods procedures is improved.

MERCAREON customers receive a customized system that is connected by interface directly to merchandise management and warehouse management or the carrier software.


The focal point of MERCAREON is establishing connectivity (i.e. the connection quality) between retailer, supplier and carrier to improve retail delivery.



Problem: When are the ordered goods coming? And which carrier is delivering them?

The goods are ordered at the supplier's facility. Which carrier is delivering the order and the exact time at which the truck will arrive at the warehouse are not known. This leads to peak times and bottlenecks at the unloading point and delays in the unloading process.

MERCAREON solves this problem with only a few clicks…

Check free capacities, define time slots (per day and dock), post online, done. These times are then offered using our booking system. This is how the trucks arrive distributed throughout the day. And who is delivering and at which time is known and traceable.

Delivery control in the retail warehouse with dock scheduling from MERCAREON ensures that productivity is increased. The efficiency in incoming goods increases up to 20%; the volumes are increased and collection is improved:

Waiting times are shortened (by 30 – 40%), peak times are reduced – shipping capacities are utilized equally. The costs decrease dramatically. Now, targeted personnel planning is possible in time with delivery.


More information and more transparency in incoming goods ensure clarity: There is reliable, complete information about the expected delivery time, the quantity and other relevant logistics details such as number of exchange pallets, combined orders, etc., etc., etc.


"With dock scheduling from MERCAREON, I finally know which order is coming when – and I have reliable information for my incoming goods area. I can finally plan rationallyand realistically!I was even able to reduce incoming goods receiving times. And I don't have to keep having discussions about waiting times."

 Wilhelm Warehouse Manager Product details for dock scheduling


Question: Have the goods arrived at the stipulated delivery time at the customer's facility? Are the customers satisfied with the delivery quality?

The supplier is responsible for ensuring that the goods ordered come on time. Planning and monitoring are required to ensure they arrive at the customer's facility on time.

MERCAREON can also help here…

Our dock scheduling shows all open, possible unloading times of the retail company.  Suppliers or their logistics partners book a suitable time slot. You can now coordinate all upstream processes to it exactly and ensure that the delivery date is met.

The traffic light system in MERCAREON creates the necessary transparency:  It can be seen easily online whether the truck unloads on time ̶  or if it is late.

MERCAREON Reporting ensures more evaluations and comprehensive statistics on punctuality or shipping duration of the goods. The evaluation module can be called up directly and in real time as well. Using an interface, on request, this information also ends up directly in the supplier's ERP system via the TRANSPOREON transport order.

In this way, in case of deviations, the supplier can respond proactively, preventing delays and providing excellent customer service.


Dynamic retail delivery outside of fixed times allows carriers to take over the dynamics of the transport market.  They can optimize their routes, better utilize vehicles and, therefore, work more cost-effectively. The result:  The chances that the freight costs will decrease are good.


"Finally, I have assignable data and can measure, track and (if necessary) even improve the adherence to deadlines and reliability of my carriers. In addition, I now have objective information. I no longer have to rely on mere guesswork when discussing punctuality."

 Lars Logistics manager Product details for reporting


Complaint: Long waiting times and unpredictable breaks thwart route planning. Carriers want quicker shipment completion at the retail loading dock.

Waiting times lasting for hours at the dock can be very expensive for carriers. Primarily because the waiting times cannot be calculated as breaks, but instead come out of the drivers' work time. In the worst-case scenario, the legally prescribed maximum driving time is exhausted and subsequent delivery deadlines can no longer be met.

MERCAREON provides a solution for this…

Using dock scheduling from MERCAREON, carriers can book a reliable appointment suitable for the route before delivery.

As opposed to fixed appointments, they are more flexible and can dispatch and utilize the vehicles better.  As opposed to uncontrolled retail delivery, they spare long idle times. Because, through the coordinated arrival of the trucks at the warehouse, waiting times become significantly shorter (by 30 – 40%) and breaks can be planned for drivers.


MERCAREON provides special designs for groupage freight deliveries; for small delivery quantities, an express dock function is available. The mobile delivery documentation sends booking data directly to the driver's mobile phone.


"Finally, I can coordinate dates and times faster and more efficiently. They also fit into my route planning.My vehicles are now more cost-effective, as they are driving instead of standing around all the time!"

 Sarah Carrier dispatcher Product details for dock scheduling

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