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Valuable key performance indicators arise when the retailer is supplied. MERCAREON Reporting provides retailers, suppliers and carriers with these key performance indicators as evaluations about punctuality, throughput times and loading duration.  These indicators exist for each retail company, warehouse location, supplier and carrier.  Approval by the supplied retailer is crucial. The retail company decides which data may be seen.

The system was developed in close collaboration with retailers, carriers and, in particular, consumer goods manufacturers. Thus, suppliers also benefit greatly:  The supplier receives direct access to the information from dock scheduling for the first time. If a retail company uses the booking system to control the incoming goods, the delivering manufacturers would otherwise usually remain uninformed about daily business – now they are always up-to-date. This forms a unified and objective information basis for everyone. This allows potential for optimizations to be identified and processes and sequences to be further improved together without dispute.

Retail companies get the chance to compare the sequences at various locations. They can use their knowledge for quality assurance. The numbers for preparing for annual negotiations or sales.

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  • Internet-based evaluations

  • Interactive export of pivot tables in MS Excel

  • All information and statistics are provided in real time.

  • Access to raw data in Excel

  • Auswertung auf Basis der Bestellung oder auf Basis des Entladetermins

  • Standardized evaluation options for retail companies, logistics service providers and suppliers

  • Standard reports on punctuality, waiting times, throughput times

  • Long-term, automatic and recurring reports via scheduler

  • Automatic shipping to multiple e-mail addresses

  • Adjusting the values (e.g. for punctuality) possible in Excel report

  • Output of top lists (e.g. Top 10, Top 25, Top 50)

  • Standardized authentication methods for data approval

  • Free customer service by phone at local rates

  • No 800 number, no hotline costs

  • Support times (Mon. – Fri. 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

Supplier advantages for MERCAREON Reporting

  • Immediate information about the completion status at retail loading docks.

  • Improvement of customer service through insight into real-time data

  • Same information status/same database for location of the goods.

  • Delivery quality and adherence to deadlines can be influenced and optimized proactively.

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Retail advantages for MERCAREON Reporting

  • Complete control of decisions for approving data for retail

  • The retailer is responsible for the final decision for approving the data

  • Insight on the actual situation in incoming goods to the warehouse locations

  • Comparison and benchmark of punctuality, throughput times and waiting times

  • Punctuality for each warehouse, punctuality for each supplier, punctuality for each carrier

  • Reliable basis for improvements and quality offensives

Carrier advantages for MERCAREON Reporting

  • Unified, objective information for all participants

  • Key performance indicators and insights about adhering to deadlines for individual vehicles

  • Ideal basis for evaluating the quality of external carriers


  • MERCAREON Yardbook
  • MERCAREON dock scheduling
  • TRANSPOREON shipment execution


Complete recording and documentation of all delivery trucks at the retail warehouse. Small deliveries, visitors and any vehicle movements at the warehouse location can also be detected.

MERCAREON dock scheduling

The system can be used to book unloading times. Retail companies use the system to receive valuable information on incoming goods. Carriers can schedule appointments reliably.

TRANSPOREON shipment execution

By synchronizing the two platforms, MERCAREON and TRANSPOREON, booking data is directly attached to the respective TRANSPOREON transport order and, if necessary, transferred into the ERP system directly. 

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Dock scheduling for retail deliveries is easier than you think and more than you might expect. Whether central warehouse, distribution center, cash and carry market or store. See for yourself... 

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Through the interface into the ERP

Reporting data can be synchronized using TRANSPOREON. It is also attached via interface directly to the supplier's transport order and delivered to the ERP system via TRANSPOREON.

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Expert knowledge for evaluations

All information about automatic reports, pivot tables and the functional scope of the scheduler, etc. Twice per quarter, there is a webinar about current themes involving MERCAREON Reporting.

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