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The MERCAREON platform has been specially developed as a collaborative solution to optimise the inbound goods process in the retail sector.  Users of this software can work more productively and efficiently, know more about what's going on and are able to plan their activities better. Wherever the solution is deployed, idle time is reduced, peak times are smoothed out and the quality of the inbound goods process in general is improved.

MERCAREON customers receive a tailored system that is connected via an interface to the merchandise and warehouse management system or the carrier software directly.

MERCAREON's key focus is on creating connectivity (that is, a high-quality connection) between the retailer, supplier and carrier in order to improve retail deliveries.



Problem: When will the ordered goods arrive? And which carrier will deliver them?

Goods have been ordered from the supplier. But which carrier will deliver the order and when exactly the truck will arrive at the warehouse are unknown quantities. This leads to peak times, bottlenecks at unloading stations and delays in the unloading process.

MERCAREON solves this problem with just a few clicks of a mouse…

Check for available capacity, define time slots (per day and loading ramp), put the info online – and you're done. These times are then offered by our booking systems, so truck arrivals are spread throughout the day. And everyone knows and can trace who will be delivering at what time.

Using MERCAREON Time Slot Management to manage incoming deliveries in retail warehouses increases productivity. Efficiency in inbound goods grows by up to 20%, greater volumes are handled and the goods receipt process as a whole improves.

What's more, waiting times become shorter (by 30 – 40%), peak times are reduced and loading capacity is utilised evenly. Costs fall as a result. It's now possible to implement targeted manpower planning that is in step with incoming deliveries.

More information and transparency in inbound goods create clarity: reliable, complete data is available regarding the expected delivery time, quantity and other relevant logistics details such as the number of pool pallets, whether combined orders are involved, and so much more.


"With MERCAREON Time Slot Management, I finally know when which order will actually arrive – and I have reliable information for my inbound goods team. At last, I can plan sensibly and realistically!I've even been able to reduce how long it takes to process inbound goods, and waiting times aren't a topic for discussion any more either."

 William Warehouse Manager Time Slot Management product details


Question: Have the goods arrived with the customer at the agreed delivery time? Are customers happy with the quality of deliveries?

The supplier is responsible for ensuring that the ordered goods arrive on time. Planning and monitoring are required to make sure they reach the customer on schedule.

MERCAREON helps suppliers here too…

Our Time Slot Management system shows all the retail company's available unloading times.  Suppliers or their logistics partners book a suitable time slot and now they can precisely coordinate all the processes that lead up to delivery to make sure that the delivery deadline is met.

The MERCAREON traffic-light system provides the necessary transparency,  as it enables the user to easily monitor online whether the truck is being unloaded on time – or whether it is delayed.

MERCAREON Reporting provides more reports and comprehensive statistics on punctuality or how long it takes to unload goods. The Reporting module can be called up directly and in real time. This information can also be sent via an interface to the supplier's ERP system directly by means of the TRANSPOREON transport order.

The supplier can then respond to any anomalies proactively, prevent delays and thus provide excellent customer service.



If they are able to make dynamic retail deliveries freed from the constraints of rigid deadlines, carriers can really embody the dynamism inherent in the transport market:  they can optimise their schedules, utilise their vehicles better and so work more efficiently. The result?  Well, there is a good chance that freight costs will come down. 


"I finally have assignable data and can measure, prove and (if necessary) improve how reliable my carriers are and how well they adhere to deadlines. Plus, I now have objective information to rely on, so discussions about punctuality merely based on gut feeling are, thankfully, a thing of the past."

 Luke Logistics Manager Reporting product details


Annoying situation: Scheduling is plagued by long waiting times and unpredictable breaks. Carriers want to complete the dispatch process on the loading ramp faster.

Waiting around on the loading ramp for hours can be really expensive for carriers, particularly because these waiting times cannot be recorded as breaks, but are classed as part of the driver's working hours. In the worst-case scenario, the statutory maximum driving time may be exceeded and any subsequent delivery deadlines cannot then be met.

MERCAREON has a solution for this…

MERCAREON Time Slot Management enables carriers to book a guaranteed time for their delivery in advance; one which fits in with the rest of their schedule.

This is more flexible than carriers simply being assigned a fixed time and allows them to schedule and utilise their vehicles better.  And it saves long idle times compared to unmanaged retail deliveries, since having a system of coordinated truck arrivals at the warehouse shortens waiting times considerably (by 30 – 40%) and means that drivers' breaks can be scheduled in.


MERCAREON offers special concepts for collective consignment deliveries and an express loading ramp function is available for small delivery volumes. The mobile delivery note function sends booking data direct to the driver's mobile.


"Finally, I can book delivery times faster and more efficiently. And they fit in with my scheduling now too.My vehicles are more economical, as they are actually driving, rather than hanging around for ages!"

 Claire Carrier Scheduler Time Slot Management product details

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