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Time slot management for retail loading ramps

MERCAREON's core function is Time Slot Management. This is a type of digital timetable, called up via the Internet, which can be used to book unloading times. The time slot management system shows all times, both available and already assigned, for making deliveries to the loading ramps at the retail company's distribution centre (or store).

Carriers who need to deliver goods to these locations select available time slots,  which are then assigned a booking. On arrival, the driver reports to the gatekeeper with the booking number  and the gatekeeper then consults the system to check which order(s) the truck contains and which gate it needs to go to.

Time Slot Management provides retail companies with reliable information about inbound goods in advance, meaning they can plan their incoming deliveries and make optimum use of their resources.

Using time slot management carriers can schedule delivery times with confidence, knowing they will no longer have to drive to the warehouse just "on the off chance", then hang around waiting for hours.

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  • Web-based planning of unloading times

  • Incoming delivery management for the retail sector

  • Traffic-light system for monitoring and logging the dispatch status

  • Suitable for small deliveries, partial loads and full loads

  • Time slots can be reserved or blocked-out for particular carriers

  • Carriers can combine several orders into one booking

  • Large orders can be spread across multiple bookings

  • Time slots can vary in length

  • Time slots can be calculated dynamically based on defined rules

  • Mobile delivery note: booking data direct to the driver's mobile

  • Special concepts for collective consignment deliveries

  • Express loading ramp function for small delivery volumes

  • Customer service provided at no extra cost, calls charged at local rate

  • No 0800 numbers, no hotline costs

  • Support hours Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Happy with MERCAREON: REWE Markt GmbH

"Our experience with MERCAREON has been nothing but positive: since we've been using this retail platform, we've been able to increase transparency in inbound goods and deploy our staff better as a result."

 Matthias Bähr, Head of Logistics at REWE Markt GmbH Solutions for retailers

The benefits of MERCAREON Time Slot Management for retailers

  • More transparency in inbound goods

  • Greater efficiency (up to 20% more) in inbound goods

  • Increased volumes processed in inbound goods

  • Greater efficiency throughout the goods receipt process

  • Fewer peak times

  • Targeted manpower planning – in step with incoming deliveries

  • Evenly spread utilisation of loading capacity

  • Increased productivity

  • Lower costs

The benefits of MERCAREON Time Slot Management for suppliers

  • Guaranteed delivery times

  • Transparent information about the delivery status

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Lower freight costs

The benefits of MERCAREON Time Slot Management for carriers

  • Faster unloading processes

  • Shorter idle and waiting times

  • Better use of breaks and rest periods

  • Better utilisation of individual vehicles

  • Lower transport costs

  • More time for transshipments

  • More flexibility in terms of scheduling


  • MERCAREON Yardbook
  • MERCAREON Reporting
  • Interface with paging systems
  • MERCAREON Carrier Interface


Every single truck delivering to the warehouse is recorded and documented. Even very small deliveries, visitors and all vehicle movements at the warehouse can be recorded too.

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Statistical preparation and display of booking data in relation to turnaround times, dispatch and punctuality.

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Interface with paging systems

Transfer of booking data to paging systems (web-based service or local system installed in the retail warehouse) by means of file export.

Read more about paging systems

MERCAREON Carrier Interface

Interface connection to ERP or carrier systems: transfer of booking data relating to delivery times, works across different retailers and supplies data to all warehouses where bookings have been made by means of file export.

Read more about Carrier Interface


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Time slot management for retail deliveries is simpler than you think and can do more than you might expect. Whether it's for a central warehouse, distribution centre, cash and carry depot or a store. Find out for yourself… 

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MERCAREON can handle groceries too

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Most carriers prefer to do their scheduling via time slot management systems and see a significant reduction in waiting times by doing so. Two-thirds experience shorter turnaround times at warehouses…

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