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Reporting on punctuality & turnaround times

When goods are delivered to the retail sector, valuable key performance indicators are obtained. MERCAREON Reporting provides retailers, suppliers and carriers with these KPIs in the form of reports on punctuality, turnaround times or loading duration.  The figures are available for each retail company, warehouse, supplier or carrier.  The release granted by the retailer receiving the delivery is crucial, as this is how the retail company decides which data can be viewed.

The system of reporting has been developed in close collaboration with retailers, carriers and, in particular, manufacturers of consumer goods. But it's the supplier who benefits quite considerably too:  for the first time, he has direct access to information from the Time Slot Management system. If a retail company uses the booking system to manage its inbound goods, during the ordinary course of business the manufacturer making the delivery will usually find himself left out of the loop – but now, he is always kept informed about what's going on. The result is a standardised and objective foundation for providing everyone involved with information and reports, which enables potential optimisations to be identified, and processes and workflows to be further improved in a spirit of cooperation and harmony. 

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  • Web-based reports

  • Interactive export of pivot tables in MS Excel

  • All information and statistics provided in real time

  • Access to raw Excel data

  • Reporting based on order or unloading time

  • Standardised reporting options for retail companies, logistics service providers and suppliers

  • Standard reports on punctuality, waiting times and turnaround times

  • Long-term, automatic, repeat reports via the Scheduler function

  • Automatic sending to multiple e-mail addresses

  • Values (for punctuality, for example) can be adjusted in the Excel report

  • Output of "top" lists (e.g. top 10, top 25, top 50)

  • Standardised authentication procedure for releasing data

  • Customer service provided at no extra cost, calls charged at local rate

  • No 0800 numbers, no hotline costs

  • Support hours Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The benefits of MERCAREON Reporting for suppliers

  • Real-time information about dispatch status on the retail loading ramp

  • Improved customer service thanks to access to real-time data

  • Same information/data to work from regarding the whereabouts of goods

  • Delivery quality and adherence to deadlines can be influenced and optimised proactively

  • Improved customer satisfaction

The benefits of MERCAREON Reporting for retailers

  • Retailer has full control over the decision-making process for releasing data

  • Final decision on whether to release data made by the retailer

  • Insight into the current inbound goods situation at warehouses

  • Comparison and benchmarking of punctuality, turnaround times and waiting times

  • Punctuality per warehouse, per supplier and per carrier

  • Reliable basis for making improvements and developing quality initiatives

The benefits of MERCAREON Reporting for carriers

  • Standardised, objective reporting information for everyone involved

  • KPIs and findings regarding how individual vehicles adhere to deadlines

  • Ideal basis for assessing the quality of external carriers


  • MERCAREON Yardbook
  • MERCAREON Time Slot Management
  • TRANSPOREON Transport Assignment


Every single truck delivering to the retail warehouse is recorded and documented. Even very small deliveries, visitors and all vehicle movements at the warehouse can be recorded too.

MERCAREON Time Slot Management

Unloading times can be booked via Time Slot Management. The system provides retail companies with valuable information about inbound goods and carriers can schedule delivery times with confidence.

TRANSPOREON Transport Assignment

By synchronising the two platforms MERCAREON and TRANSPOREON, booking data is appended to the relevant TRANSPOREON transport order directly and, if applicable, delivered into the ERP system directly too. 

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Customised solutions

Time slot management for retail deliveries is simpler than you think and can do more than you might expect. Whether it's for a central warehouse, distribution centre, cash and carry depot or a store. Find out for yourself… 

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Into ERP system via an interface

Reporting data can be synchronised with TRANSPOREON. It is then appended to the supplier's transport order directly via an interface and delivered into the ERP system via TRANSPOREON...

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Expertise for reports

Everything you need to know about automatic reports, pivot tables or the functions offered by the Scheduler … a webinar is held twice every quarter covering current topics to do with MERCAREON Reporting.

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